The Grahams: A Genuine Search for a Mostly Real America

STATUS: Completed


Five years ago Singer-Song Writer Duo “The Grahams” set out to see America by every means possible, to inspire a record trilogy about America.  In their wildest dreams, they could not have imagined the social climate in which they’d be creating their third album.  This was the summer of 2016, the presidential election was in full swing.  Having previously traveled the Mississippi River and living on a house boat in the Atchafalaya swamp (The River), and fresh off of riding every train line in America (The rails), The Grahams set off to ride all of Route 66 on their motorcycle (The Road).  Building on their past media about their writing expeditions, With and About created a treatment, produced and shot a feature-length film about their social experiment and creative process. The film “Love and Distortion: A Genuine search for a Mostly Real America” will premier at the Madrid International Film Festival, where it is nominated in the categories of best story and best feature length documentary.